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HedgeLand property consultancy has been actively involved within the commercial sector in the South West of England for many years and we are able to provide considerable expertise and experience in all aspects of commercial property matters.

The diverse nature of property results in the commercial sector having numerous categories, each of which require familiarity, knowledge and resources to promote. 

We have those qualities and regularly advise to ensure that best results are delivered. 

Click on the Zoopla link below to see the opportunities available for you.


HedgeLand property consultancy provides sales and acquisition advice in South West England with particular interest in ensuring that optimum values are achieved while understanding the obligations that may be reflected within a lease or freehold title that may impact on value.

We are able to advise within the sectors of the commercial market which form the main profile of the South West region, which includes:

+ Care Homes

+ Leisure

+ Retail

+ Industrial

+ Offices

+ Investments

+ Development

+ Acquisition


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